08 Jan
New Winter Smudges

Just a few of what I knocked out over the last month. Without snow and ice in London winter is diminished - but it's February that usually brings some flurries. Still, short days are exhilarating and bring lights looking very lively in the shops by 4ish. 

There was a lot of cardboard lying about over the last few months. The days were dry enough to ensure some of it could be preserved. They were all long and thin and medium sized so that took care of what to do. I was thinking a bit about Beckett hence the two men and a moon smudge. Chernobyl too. Tony White did an interesting thing remembering that a few years ago that was spot on. The usual right stuff. I did six or seven long thin pieces which would have worked if they could be shown linked up one after the other. Not that that will ever happen but in my mind. I'll put up a few more in the next few days/weeks whatever. I saw the Blake exhibition at the Tate. Incredible. The lines are so sharp. And there are so many of them. Like delux Marvel comics. He does horror really well, and the spiritual looking forward to dulce utile & decorum etc too... but nothing is sexy. Not that that matters except with so many nude and near nude characters all over the place you might have thought there would have been something vaguely erotic fizzing about. Maybe I should have had a bite to eat beforehand.