14 Mar
Art Show Candid Arts: 29th March 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Venue: Candid Arts Trust
3-5 Torrens Street
London, England EC1V 1NQ
020 7837 4237

Opens: 6pm 29th March.

Featuring the artists:

Stewart Home is an English artist, filmmaker, writer, pamphleteer, art historian, and activist. His novels include the non-narrative 69 Things to Do with a Dead Princess (2002), and the re-imagining of the 1960s in Tainted Love (2005). Earlier parodistic pulp fictions work includes Pure Mania, Red London, No Pity, Cunt, and Defiant Pose which pastiche the work of 1970s British skinhead pulp novel writer Richard Allen and combine it with pornography, political agit-prop, and historical references to punk rock and avant-garde art.

Paul Holman is the author of The Memory of the Drift (new edition, Shearsman 2020) and Tara Morgana (Scarlet Imprint, 2014). The work in this exhibition is drawn from Sussex Coils and Loops, currently in preparation from Scarlet Imprint. Further information about his writing can be found at taramorgana.com.   -- http://taramorgana.com/

Harriet Holman Penney is a graphic novelist, artist and animator.

Derek Ogbourne is best known for his exhilarating, often wildly physical works across all art forms, centred around an ongoing plot of big themes: physical life, vision, death, landscape, beauty and the sublime. His outstanding oeuvre encompasses an astonishing range of media – from abstract painting to performance, video, and monumental installations incorporating film, drawing, objects and machines   

Nikita Andrejev: The core of his practice is based on the exploration of the materiality of paint and the expressive potential of mark-making. He explores these material values by drawing inspiration from the natural world and capturing the organic forms; from stones and trees to fungi and animal anatomy. Despite his work being heavily grounded in the formal language of painting - the main statement, that he is posing, is the fact that we (humans), shall not forget the fact that we are animals. And a lot of emotions, feelings, and actions that we are taking and experiencing have beastly roots. Also, he connects the nature of human beings to the wider aspect of the question: "What is natural?", through exploring alive and non-living organisms/formations within our world, such as insects, animals, plants, fungi, and rocks. He uses these rarely uniform and charming forms, to appreciate and respect Mother Nature and connect to our animalistic roots.

Zg V, formerly based in Berlin and now residing in London, delves into the depths of the human psyche through their multifaceted artistic expression. Drawing from personal experiences of trauma and the exploration of dark facets of the self, Zg V's work serves as a profound exploration of inner turmoil and resilience. Through painting, conceptual art, theater, literature, and installation, they confront the shadows within, channeling their inner struggles into a cathartic and transformative creative process. In their artistic journey, Zg V delves into meditative states, seeking solace and clarity amidst the chaos of existence. Through immersive installations and introspective writings, they navigate the intricacies of the mind, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of the human condition. Their pursuit of sublimity transcends mere aesthetic beauty, as they strive to unearth profound truths and moments of transcendence within the depths of the soul. Instagram: bln_luft

Patrick Cosgrove is a house husband, poet and visual artist. He has had works published in Cafe Irreal, Sein und Werden, Magma and Lighthouse Literary Journal. Visual material has appeared in DIAGRAM magazine and the Visual Poetry exhibition at Museum of Futures. He has published 3 books: SLURPS (Sampson Low 2021), Biros (Hesterglock 2021) and Biros 2 (Hesterglock 2023

Vilde Bjerke Torset is a norwegian artist and poet based in London.   Her publications include the poetry books Apollinaire and Other Horses (If a Leaf Falls Press, 2022), WHAT IT MEANS WHEN YOU DREAMS : A to Z (AFV press, 2021), and the artist book PAREIDOLIA - Dotremont’s Daughter (Timglaset Ltd, 2020).  She has been commissioned by The British Museum and The Royal Norwegian Embassy, and been a guest lecturer at Kristiania University College, and The Poetry School, among others. Her performances, including both solo works and collaborations, have taken place at a range of national (UK) and international venues, including The British Museum, The National Centre for Writing, The Poetry Society, Jorvik Viking Centre, and London Rich Mix.    Her books are in the collections of the Norwegian National Library, Bergen Public Library and University of Victoria Libraries.   She is a member of Norske Billedkunstnere and Norsk Tegnerforbund.   She is the founder and curator of SCRYPTH.:

Artem Spivak a multidisciplinary award-winning creative with previous exhibitions at Saatchi Gallery, Manhattan Arts International, Taiwan Contemporary Art Association and more. The artist explores humans’ individual and collective experiences in this world and their relations with its qualities and concepts.

Zuzanna Bielen comes from Poland and studies in the UK. As a student of languages/philosophy/cinema/education, music and drawing save her from the anxieties of overthinking. She feels most comfortable singing "sad songs" and rap, which is quite confusing and on the night will be singing songs of Polish drama and assorted other songs.

Richard Marshall paints with acrylic on cardboard and canvas 

Johnny Pulp writes avant pulp novels

Peter Carty is an award-winning writer and journalist, writing on arts and culture for the Guardian and other newspapers. His short fiction is on English literature syllabuses.  Art is his first novel. It is all about the birth of the Young British Artists in Hoxton and Shoreditch during the early 1990s. Art has received excellent reviews in publications including the Financial Times, i newspaper and the Spectator – which describes it as “dirty and depraved, but irresistible”.

Jana Astanov is an interdisciplinary artist, a writer, a poetess and an independent curator born in Mazury Lake District of Poland and currently living in the Shawangunk Mountains, in upstate New York. She is a founder of CREATRIX Magazine: www.creatrixmag.com, portal for creative expression focused on art, activism and spiritual practice. Her work includes performance art, photography, sound art, sculpture and installation. She co-created an electronic music group ASTRALOOP featuring her poetry in dark electronic arrangements. She is also the author of five collections of poetry: Antidivine, Grimoire, Sublunar, The Pillow Book of Burg, and Birds of Equinox.