Life Through Her Eyes: 13


Once you hear it, you can’t un-hear it 

Once you see it, you can't un-see it 

I see you everywhere 

I hear you everywhere 

I can’t get over you 

Over your love 

I was never your first love, I may have been your last 

But she, she is your only love. 

You’ve given up years of your life for her sake 

You’ve given up your career for her cause 

You’ve given her your all, and given everyone else the crumbs 

I can never be her, but I know like everyone else 

I strive to be her 

Her beauty is beyond compare 

Her colors are as colorful as the sun 

Her music is mesmerizing 

Her food is irresistible 

She is a lady, she is gentle, she is classy 

You can never say her name without smiling 

Maybe she’s my only love as well 

Maybe that's the reason we couldn't love each other fully 

We both love her more than each other 

More than one's self 

She is who she is 

She is Palestine

About the Author

Rand is a 26-year-old Palestinian. She is the youngest of four children; she finished her undergraduate studies at Bir Zeit University, Ramallah, Palestine. During her university years, Rand grew more interested in the humanitarian structure and the Palestinian cause from a humanitarian point of view. Through volunteering and networking, rand received many pieces of training in crisis management, and emergency navigation, as well as, humanitarian structure, signature, and localization allowing her to employ her knowledge in her career and as a volunteer with many local and international humanitarian organizations. Moreover, rand is a very expressive artistic person who attempts to share her human experience through pen and brush. She is captivated by sunsets and Palestinian beauty.