Life Through Her Eyes: 17



Juggling personal affairs 

Falling in love 

Focusing on a career path 

Planning the next adventure 

Eating, and drinking 

Practicing self-care 

Showing up for loved ones 

Planning the future 

Dwelling on the past 

Learning from previous mishaps 

Self-improvement and development

Day 190 of our genocide.

About the Author

Rand is a 26-year-old Palestinian. She is the youngest of four children; she finished her undergraduate studies at Bir Zeit University, Ramallah, Palestine. During her university years, Rand grew more interested in the humanitarian structure and the Palestinian cause from a humanitarian point of view. Through volunteering and networking, Rand received many pieces of training in crisis management, and emergency navigation, as well as, humanitarian structure, signature, and localization allowing her to employ her knowledge in her career and as a volunteer with many local and international humanitarian organizations. Moreover, Rand is a very expressive artistic person who attempts to share her human experience through pen and brush. She is captivated by sunsets and Palestinian beauty.